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What Is an Innovation Consultant and How to Become One

What Does an Innovation Consultant Do?

Innovation refers to an idea or invention that becomes a valuable good or service. While innovation is often an important step in the process of creating new products, it is also an important part of business growth. As an innovation consultant, you collaborate with businesses to develop a strategy and follow a plan for growth. As part of your duties, you help an organization take the lead and find out the needs and wants of their client base. As a consultant, your responsibilities include helping innovators take the initiative and put their ideas into action through methods like service design, lean start-up, and design thinking. As an innovation consultant, you act as a mentor or coach to various businesses and other organizations.

How to Become an Innovation Consultant

The qualifications you need to become an innovation consultant vary depending on the needs of your employer, but you typically need at least five years of experience with innovation consulting, as a project manager, or working in the specific field in which your employer specializes, such as product development or manufacturing. A Bachelor of Science degree is often a requirement, and advanced degrees are often beneficial, but the exact field depends on this industry. Self-motivation, passion for innovation and helping others, the ability to learn new skills, and excellent communication are all important in your role as an innovation consultant.