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What Is an Information Assurance Analyst and How to Become One

What Does an Information Assurance Analyst Do?

An information assurance analyst performs a variety of duties related to implementing changes in software systems. You are most responsible for cyber security and risk assessment, and determining how changes in software or hardware may affect the data your organization stores. Qualifications for the job include career experience in IT security and specialized skills. Many analysts are former hackers or have years of experience diffusing hackers, and use that knowledge to develop preventative measures against future breaches. You should have excellent computer skills and a fine attention to detail.

How to Become an Information Assurance Analyst

Acquiring a position as an information assurance analyst requires a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, engineering, or cybersecurity. A master’s degree is often part of the qualifications, as you are responsible for all of the data within an organization. Other duties involve overseeing wholesale changes in data management, so prior skills in data systems and organization are a necessity. Previous experience in a job with responsibilities like managing organization hardware, including upgrades, and system monitoring are often a requirement to obtain an analyst position. Certification in one of the various systems security credential programs improves your chances of getting an analyst position.