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What Is an Immediate and How to Become One

What Are Immediate Hire Jobs?

Employers post immediate hire jobs when they need a position filled right away. Sometimes, they need the position filled quickly because the previous employee quit or was fired. They may also need to fill an immediate hire position because the position was just created and needs attention right away. Generally speaking, the interview and hiring process for immediate hire jobs is more expedited than that of less pressing positions.

How Do You Find an Immediate Hire job?

There are a lot of ways you can find immediate hire jobs to apply to. You can get a word of mouth referral from a friend or acquaintance, and you can apply to window ads or classifieds. Another effective way to find immediate hire jobs is to modify your search terms on a job board to include terms like “immediate hire,” “immediate need,” and “immediate start.”

What Jobs Hire Immediately?

In general, jobs that constantly need immediate hires are positions in companies with a high a volume of employees. They may also be jobs that consist of urgent, day-to-day duties (especially customer-facing) that cannot go unfilled for very long. Customer success, sales, and appointment setter positions are often in need of frequent, immediate hires. So are entry-level management, PR, and marketing positions.

What Are Good Immediate Hire Opportunities?

The best immediate hire jobs are typically in high growth positions where new team members are constantly needed. These positions include jobs in the fields of customer service, sales, and appointment setting. Immediate hire jobs may also be available in entry-level positions in the fields of management, marketing, and PR. Often, general labor positions will be immediate hire as well.