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House Renovation Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Are Jobs In House Renovations?

House renovation jobs include workers, such as contractors and interior designers, who plan, design, and coordinate operations for a home remodel. You can find jobs with project management, design, construction, or renovation duties. In all house renovation positions, your responsibilities include working with a team, understanding plumbing, electrical, and structural work in a home, and using your creativity to work toward the common goal of renovating a house or specific areas of a house for its owner. Workers in these positions need design skills, basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical work, patience, and teamwork skills.

How Can I Get a Job Working in House Renovations?

The qualifications you need to work in house renovations depends on the position for which you apply. A contractor needs physical strength and endurance and high-level knowledge of building structures and electric and plumbing systems. Some jobs require you to earn a contractor's license through a certified state program. An interior designer needs excellent creativity and design skills and an understanding of how to put colors, patterns, and textures together. You need a minimum of an associate degree in interior design or a related field to enter this career, and some states require accreditation by passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam.