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What Is a Hotshot Driver and How to Become One

Hotshot Driver

What Does a Hotshot Driver Do?

A hotshot driver is a truck driver whose responsibilities are to haul and deliver freight to a customer. In this career, you usually drive a pickup truck with a trailer or other specialized hauling equipment, but you may also operate a larger vehicle. Your primary duties are to expedite delivery of equipment or freight to your client. For example, you may haul essential equipment to distant locations in oil fields or to remote areas where power stations or other utilities are in need of equipment to keep service running. Many hotshot drivers operate as independent contractors.

How to Become a Hotshot Driver

To become a hotshot driver, you need to have several qualifications, including a commercial driver’s license and your own vehicle. Many hotshot drivers operate smaller vehicles because they can keep costs down when compared to operating a full-sized tractor-trailer. However, it is useful to have access to a larger truck when you need to deliver big orders. In addition to legal qualifications, you need to have excellent driving skills, knowledge of securing freight to different types of vehicle, and strong verbal communication skills. If you work as an independent contractor, you may need business administration experience.