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Hotel Accounting Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Are Hotel Accounting Jobs?

Hotel accounting jobs are for accountants and financial analysts who focus on assisting hotel companies with their finances. As an accountant for a hotel chain, your responsibilities include tracking revenue and expenses, organizing financial statements and reports, managing payroll, conducting a financial audit, completing daily financial reconciliation, and reporting financial information to the corporate office. Your duties as a financial analyst for a hotel chain include conducting monthly reports, creating budgets, recognizing ways to cut expenses, forecasting finances using economic trends, ensuring financial compliance, and advising the chain on potential investment and revenue-increasing opportunities.

How Can I Get a Hotel Accounting Job?

Although many accounting jobs for hotels do not require formal education or training, some do prefer candidates with qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an accounting certification. You can find entry-level hotel accountant positions with on-the-job training provided by a senior level accountant. Financial analysts for hotels need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a relevant field of study, plus at least one to three years of professional experience in accounting and at least one year of experience in hospitality. Hotel accountants and financial analysts need expert mathematics and problem-solving skills and work well in teams.