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What Is a Hot Shot and How to Become One

What Is a Hot Shot Job?

A hot shot job involves the expedited transport of freight. As a hot shot truck driver, you often haul much smaller loads than a standard trucker. You typically drive a one-ton diesel truck with a gooseneck trailer in this field. The lighter load and truck are crucial, as your freight requires express delivery. Full-sized semi-trucks are unable to meet the demands of some customers, as their size and slow speed limit them. Some hot shot drivers work as company drivers, while others work on a freelance basis and own or lease their trucks.

What Does a Hot Shot Driver Do?

Your job duties as a hot shot driver include transporting freight and providing express cargo services for your employer or clients. Your responsibilities may consist of ensuring your truck is in proper working order, planning your route, and operating your rig in a way that meets Department of Transportation standards. In this career, you usually have to drive to a warehouse to pick up your freight and make sure that the trailer is secured correctly. As a hot shot driver, you typically work under a tight deadline. While safety must come first, your job is to make your delivery as quickly as possible.

How to Become a Hot Shot Driver

The qualifications that you need to work as a hot shot truck driver include driving skills and the proper driver’s license. A hot shot driver typically needs a class A commercial driver’s license (CDL). To earn a Class A CDL, you need to pass written and behind-the-wheel exams. Trucking schools or vocational schools usually provide training to help novice drivers earn their CDL. Some employers expect previous trucking experience and a record of driving safely and arriving on time at past trucking jobs.