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What Is a Hospital Pharmacy Technician and How to Become One

Hospital Pharmacy Technician

What Does a Hospital Pharmacy Technician Do?

A hospital pharmacy technician fills prescriptions for patients admitted to the hospital. Typical duties include preparing medicines, stocking supplies, and collecting patient information. They may also create compound medications, IV fluids, and other mixtures for patients. Hospital pharmacy technicians do not have any direct contact with patients, and they work under the direct supervision of the lead pharmacist. Retail pharmacy technicians do much of the same work, but hospital pharmacy technicians are expected to have a better understanding of prescriptions and medical terminology.

How to Become a Hospital Pharmacy Technician

To become a hospital pharmacy technician, earn a registered pharmacy technician certificate. Vocational schools and community colleges offer accredited pharmacy technician training programs that typically last between nine and twelve months. Once you have completed your training, obtain a position at a retail pharmacy. Become proficient in medical terminology and prescription medications. Most hospitals prefer candidates with at least one to two years of retail experience, but also provide extensive on-the-job training. Certification is not required, but being a certified hospital pharmacy technician may make you a more valuable candidate in the job market.