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What Is a Hibachi Chef and How to Become One

What Does a Hibachi Chef Do?

As a hibachi chef, you work at a Japanese restaurant, preparing different types of grilled food which is served tableside. Typically you work on a large metal flat grill, and your duties include taking orders, talking with customers, and entertaining them while you cook, serving alcohol and making recommendations to customers about what to eat. Although often referred to as hibachi, the cuisine is actually what is referred to as teppanyaki in Japan.

How to Become a Hibachi Chef

To become a hibachi chef, you need several qualifications. It is important to have a background in Japanese cooking or cuisine, and previous experience in a Japanese restaurant. Some hibachi chefs start as servers or bussers and work their way up to prep kitchen work before moving on to the actual teppanyaki grill. In addition to cooking skills, it is vital to have strong interpersonal communication and customer service skills as you interact with the diners throughout their dinner.