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What Is a Health Educator and How to Become One

Health Educator

What Are Health Educators?

Health educators are community health care advocates who provide health education to people in a variety of settings such as schools and community centers. Duties and responsibilities of health educators include teaching people about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, exercise, and preventing certain conditions and injuries. The job of a health educator is to use their training, skills, and qualifications to increase awareness of common health issues. Some health educators focus their work on underserved communities where health education is difficult to find.

How to Become a Health Educator

To become a health educator, you should first attend college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in health education. A health education degree includes classes in psychology, physiology, human development and health education. Health educators then must earn the Certified Health Education Specialist designation (CHES) from the National Commission of Health Education. This certification is awarded after passing the Health Education Specialist exam. Many health educators also gain valuable education from internships and volunteer opportunities in nursing homes and the community.

Where Do Health Educators Work?

Health educators work in a variety of settings and situations including in nursing homes, schools, community centers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, colleges and medical centers. Health educators may be located in a particular location or office, or they may travel to where they are needed in the community depending on their role and employer. Health educators do their work in classrooms, community centers, in small groups and for large presentations. Some health educators work one on one to provide education and awareness to those in need.

Health Educator Job Description Sample

With this Health Educator job description sample, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Remember, every employer is different and each will have unique qualifications when they hire for a Health Educator role.

Job Summary

Our company seeks a Health Educator to serve as a health and wellness advocate for our community. In this role, you develop health education programs for different settings, such as community centers, nursing home facilities, hospitals, colleges, and schools. Your goal is to inform the community about how to incorporate exercise, proper nutrition, and wellness habits into their lives. You may also provide interventional services for people with mental health issues or a chronic condition. Our ideal candidate has experience in promoting public health education for a variety of communities, including those that are typically underserved.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop educational programs about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Increase awareness of common health issues
  • Work to improve and implement public health initiatives
  • Enhance and customize curriculum development according to the community
  • Travel to community facilities or individual people as needed
  • Perform data entry and administrative duties

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in health education
  • Certified Health Education Specialist designation (CHES) from the National Commission of Health Education
  • Experience as a healthcare advocate or social worker
  • Passion for helping and educating people
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills