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What Is a HRIS Specialist and How to Become One

HRIS Specialist

What Is an HRIS Specialist?

An HRIS specialist is an expert in human resources management systems. In this job, your duties include collecting data and analyzing it to improve HR strategies and processes. You suggest ways to increase the functional productivity and workflow of the HR department. As an analyst, you need excellent research and computer skills and a variety of other qualifications, including education, career training, and experience. A background in information technology and HR is important, and you should also possess strong analytical problem-solving and excellent research skills.

How to Become a HRIS Specialist

The qualifications you need to begin your career as an HRIS specialist include a combination of formal education and previous job experience with relevant duties. In many cases, companies accept candidates with an associate degree in human resources, business administration, or another related field. You also need a few years of human resources-focused experience. A high level of computer proficiency, especially with collection data and reporting, is a must for this position. You also need problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. A relevant certification, such as those offered by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), can set your application apart from other candidates.