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What Is a Graphics Artist and How to Become One

What Does a Graphics Artist Do?

A Graphics Artist works within a commercial environment, often for an advertising agency, magazine, or other marketing-related organization. Their role is to listen to their client’s goals and needs and create the actual images for their specific project. Graphics Artists work in a range of mediums to help develop a brand’s colors, logos, and other public-facing materials. Graphics Artists employ basic design elements and best practices but are always exploring ways to push their creativity and deliver a unique product for their clients. They should be open to iterating their designs and allow the client to provide feedback and request adjustments. Graphics Artists are sometimes independent contractors, in which case they may have several different clients at one time.

How to Become a Graphics Artist

To pursue a career as a graphics artist, you need educational qualifications like an associate or bachelor’s degree in graphic arts or design. You also need artistic skills, creativity, and the ability to work under deadlines to perform your duties. As a graphics artist, your responsibilities include collaborating with clients to develop their vision and then using graphic design software to create a final product. Many employers require a year work experience as an intern and a portfolio to demonstrate your art skills.