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What Is a Ged Instructor and How to Become One

What Does a GED instructor Do?

A GED instructor teaches students who are preparing to take the General Education Development (GED) exam, which is equivalent to a high school diploma. Your teaching duties include covering the topics that students need to know to earn their GED degree. You can teach in community centers or Adult Basic Education (ABE) facilities. Your responsibilities are also to plan lessons, assess student progress, and offer additional assistance and guidance if necessary. You can also use practice exams to measure students’ performance and define areas where they need further education. The subjects that you cover as a GED instructor include English, math, science, and literature.

How to Become a GED Instructor

To pursue a career as a GED instructor, you must meet the following qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in adult education or a relevant field and a teacher certificate in high school or adult education. Prior teaching experience at the high school level is a bonus when you apply for GED instructor jobs. Your main responsibilities are to teach the GED certificate program and to prepare students for the general equivalency exam. Students who pass the exam earn a general equivalency diploma (GED). Your job duties include lesson planning, teaching, and providing feedback. You need excellent interpersonal skills to work with adult learners.