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What Is a Freelance Recruiter and How to Become One

Freelance Recruiter

What Does a Freelance Recruiter Do?

As a freelance recruiter, your job is to implement recruiting strategies, interview and screen candidates, and generally act as a source of employees for one or more companies. Freelance recruiters typically work on a contractual basis instead of as a direct employee. You can also find work with larger recruitment agencies that can leverage their size to offer more recruitment options. Success in this career involves understanding what the client is looking for in a new hire, finding someone who matches that description, and ensuring they're the best possible fit. Many freelance recruiters conduct background checks and leverage a variety of tools, such as web portals, databases, referrals, and social media, to find candidates.

How Do You Become a Freelance Recruiter?

The primary qualifications for a career as a freelance recruiter are strong organizational skills and several years of experience with finding and hiring employees. Many freelance recruiters have a background in human resources or similar departments, but that isn't necessary to succeed in this position. As a freelancer, education isn't as important to companies as your experience and ability to find suitable candidates, so it's possible to get this job with just a high school diploma. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this position requires outstanding communication skills, an open mind, a hands-on approach to work, and extensive sourcing experience. Some freelance recruiters work internationally to find candidates, so companies may ask for fluency in one or more foreign languages.