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What Is a Freelance Event Planner and How to Become One

Freelance Event Planner

What Does a Freelance Event Planner Do?

A freelance event planner works to prepare and plan everything needed for a successful event on a contractual basis. In this career, you work closely with the client to understand the needs and wants of the event and how to fit them into their budget. You research venues and vendors, compare the options, and discuss with the client to confirm they are happy with your selection. You are also responsible for coordinating everything before and during the event, ensuring payment is given, and assisting with the cleanup at the end. A freelance event planner works independently to coordinate various sizes of events, programs, and other gatherings.

How to Become a Freelance Event Planner

To become a freelance event planner, you need relevant experience gained by working first as an employee of a venue or company to learn the ins and outs of event planning. You can also complete programs hosted by trade schools to help you better understand what to expect from your clients. When looking for your first few clients, you want to start locally and only commit to planning events that you know you can deliver on. Most clients request to see a portfolio of successful events that you’ve helped plan. It’s crucial to market your experience and showcase your skills both online and in-person. As you take on more jobs, you’ll build a network and eventually a strong foundation for freelancing.