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What Is a Formulation Chemist and How to Become One

What Is a Formulation Chemist?

A formulation chemist helps in the product testing and development of pharmaceuticals or household products, like cleaners, cosmetics, and soaps. Your duties include mixing different agents or compounds and performing tests, such as UV tests, to determine product safety and potential for use. Some formulation chemists work in other industries such as the oil and gas industry where they inspect octane levels for car fuel. You might also find work as a cosmetic chemist where you test makeup and perfumes. Others work in the food industry, testing and creating ingredients and flavor additives.

How to Become a Formulation Chemist

The minimum qualifications for becoming a formulation chemist include a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or another natural science and experience in the industry in which you plan to work. Many who are interested in the career consider getting an advanced degree, which may increase job opportunities and substitute for experience. It is crucial that you have a firm grasp of safety procedures and regulations, as you may work with volatile compounds as part of your daily functions. In addition to the educational requirements, you need strong analytical and problem-solving skills, a solid foundation in mathematics, and the ability to work as part of a team.