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What Is a Food Services Director and How to Become One

Food Services Director

What Does a Food Services Director Do?

Food services directors work in restaurants, hotels, resorts, conference centers, and on cruise ships, and are responsible for all food services activities. While duties may vary by employer and venue, the food services director is responsible for food preparation, the quality of the meals served, food presentation, as well as the serving dishes, utensils, and linens. Additionally, the food services director oversees all food service-related staff, budgeting, purchasing, and ensures compliance with any state, local, or organization-wide food safety regulation laws.

How to Become a Food Services Director

The path to becoming a food services director usually begins first with a bachelor’s degree. The next step is often a position as an assistant chef at a mid- to large-sized venue, such as a conference center or hotel. Some food services directors are also promoted into the position from jobs as restaurant managers or as assistant food services directors. While no degree is specific to the role of food services director, some employers may prefer candidates with food sciences, food services management, hospitality, or business degrees.