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Food Delivery Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Is Food Delivery?

A food delivery driver brings food from a restaurant or grocery store to a customer’s home, place of business, or another drop off point. As a food delivery professional, you may also have responsibilities like delivering food to healthcare facilities or catered events. Your duties include waiting for a takeout order online or over the telephone. You then pick up the food and drop it off to the customer within the allotted time. Some food delivery drivers work for one company, and others provide service to many restaurants through a third party company.

What Are the Requirements to Get a Food Delivery Job?

The qualifications that you need to get a food delivery job include a high school diploma and driving skills. Some employers expect you to undergo a background check. You also need a valid driver’s license. If you use a personal vehicle, you need proper insurance coverage and a functioning, well-maintained car. Some employers or contractors may ask to see a clean driving record without any traffic violations. Some employers prefer workers who have previous experience in the restaurant industry.