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What Is a Fiction Writer and How to Become One

What Does a Fiction Writer Do?

A fiction writer’s job is to write books, stories, plays, and other content to be published in a variety of mediums. While this role is most commonly associated with novel writing, authors also write fiction for other mediums like video and roleplaying games. Fiction writers often have varying titles based on the industry in question; common titles include playwright, scriptwriter, and narrative designer. As a fiction writer, you create materials of a variety of lengths, ranging from single-page stories to full-length novels and screenplays. Other aspects of this job vary. For example, you may work entirely from home on your own schedule, or you may work collaboratively in an office with a team of other designers and creators.

How to Become a Fiction Writer

The primary qualifications for becoming a fiction writer depend on the type of writing you want to do. While some people can succeed by writing a manuscript and convincing someone to publish it, most publishing houses prefer to see published work so they can judge the likely financial success of your manuscript. Other fiction writing positions usually require a bachelor's degree and several years of writing experience. Many fiction writers self-publish or work on small-scale projects to gain experience before applying for a position at a larger company. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this career requires the ability to adhere to deadlines, exceptional writing skills, and the ability to incorporate feedback from editors.