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What Is a Family Medicine Physician Part Time and How to Become One

Family Medicine Physician Part Time

What Does a Family Medicine Physician Working Part-Time Do?

As a part-time family medicine physician, you provide primary care for patients of all ages. In this role, you may offer outpatient services, conduct an assessment on any reported problems, and determine when or if to refer a patient to a specialty practice. Family medicine physicians frequently help decide which service or treatment is most appropriate for each patient, develop personal relationships with patients, create patient-specific health programs, administer vaccinations, and perform many medical operations. Part-time family medicine physicians usually support full-time physicians or work in clinical facilities where there are not enough patients to require a full-time presence.

How Can I Get a Job as a Family Medicine Physician Working Part-Time?

The primary qualifications for getting a part-time job as a family medicine physician are a doctor of medicine degree and completing a family medicine residency program. Most residency programs use a national match system to select applicants and provide several months of training in areas like pediatrics, general surgery inpatient care, and obstetrics. After completing the residency program, the final step is completing a certification exam and meeting any additional state requirements. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a part-time family medicine physician requires research skills, leadership skills, and good judgment when deciding where to send patients for advanced care.