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What Is a Fabricator and How to Become One

What Is a Fabricator Job?

A fabricator job is one in which you fabricate parts or assemble parts into a finished product. This work can range from manufacturing an airplane engine down to assembling a children’s toy. Fabricator jobs require you to use a variety of tools and machines of varying complexity. In addition to your fabrication and assembly duties, your responsibilities include maintaining a clean workspace and conducting quality control assessments of your materials and products. You may also be responsible for calibrating and maintaining your tools and machines.

How to Become a Fabricator

To become a Fabricator, the minimum education qualifications typically include a high school diploma or GED. There are several different specializations for a Fabricator—such as Welder and Sheet Metal—so specific requirements might vary depending on the position. Some employers may prefer that you have a bachelor’s in engineering but generally, you will need a diploma. Alternatively, you can learn the necessary skills through a vocational school. You may need a few years of work experience to prove that you have the general knowledge needed for the position. A Fabricator needs experience with metalworking machinery and tools, construction techniques, reading blueprints, and working with different kinds of metals in order to handle your daily responsibilities.

What Does a Welder-Fabricator Do?

A welder-fabricator is a specialty fabricator that welds metal parts into finished products. In this career, you read blueprints or other technical schematics and assemble materials according to the specifications. Welder-fabricators need to be able to follow directions very closely in order to make precision welds, ensure that the measurements are exact, and perform a variety of tests to determine whether or not the welding is structurally sound and meets the quality assurance standards set out in the designs.

How Can I Become a Welder-Fabricator?

To become a welder-fabricator, you need to meet several qualifications, including education and job training. Most welder-fabricators have a high school diploma or GED certificate. You can also attend a vocational school or community college to get more specialized training. Some positions, such as those where you assemble complex systems like plane engines or automotive products, require even more formal training and education. Welders can also join apprenticeship programs that include classroom instruction and practical training. While an apprenticeship program can be very time consuming, it is the best way to get into this career.

What Does a Steel Fabricator Do?

A steel or metal fabricator fabricates and assembles parts made primarily out of steel or other metals. In this job, you work with a variety of specialized equipment, such as flame cutters, shears, drill presses, and rolls, to cut, press, punch and drill steel components. You must also be able to use welding torches and general hand tools to complete your duties. As a steel fabricator, you often help assemble large structures or products, such as tankers or other steel ships.