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What Is an Event Marketing Manager and How to Become One

What Is an Event Marketing Manager?

An event marketing manager oversees the development and delivery of events held to promote a company, brand, or product. In this role, your job duties include managing a team of event planners and consulting with the company’s marketing and sales strategists to determine how to successfully produce public or private events, such as pop-ups, tastings, or openings. Qualifications for this career typically include some education in event management or a few years of related experience. You should be familiar with event planning and coordination and have excellent verbal communication and leadership skills.

How to Become an Event Marketing Manager

To become an Event Marketing Manager, you typically need to earn at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, management, or a related field. Since this is a managerial position, you typically need to have years of relevant work experience in events management or marketing to be considered. Having examples or a portfolio of your work will go a long way in proving your skills. Successful Event Marketing Managers typically have experience in creating marketing campaigns and using applicable marketing software, as well as managing events. Because this position often needs to involve other departments within an organization, Event Marketing Managers must also be well-versed in collaboration and have strong communication skills.