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What Is an Esports Coaching and How to Become One

What Are Coaching Jobs in eSports?

eSports coaching jobs involve managing a team or individual players who play competitive video games in person or on the internet. A head coach can oversee one team in a professional league, though the duties of head coaches at universities or colleges often include managing different teams who represent the school in various video game competitions. You can find employment as an assistant coach who focuses on improving the play of eSports athletes in one video game. In addition to facilitating practice and improvement, your responsibilities as a coach include performing tasks such as scheduling, handling equipment acquisition, and developing long-term strategies for eSports program.

How to Get a Coaching Job in eSports

The qualifications that you need to get a coaching job in eSports include video game skills, a college degree or equivalent experience, and past involvement in professional or collegiate eSports competitions. If you work at a club or college, you typically need the skills to help develop the eSports program because competitive video game playing is new for most schools. Most employers prefer a college degree, except at the professional level, where competitive experience and success are more valuable to employers than a degree. You also need to learn regulations and rules governing the competitions in which your team participates.