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What Is an Entry Level Project Coordinator and How to Become One

Entry Level Project Coordinator

What Does an Entry-Level Project Coordinator Do?

As an entry-level project coordinator, you work under a project manager in support of a team or department within a larger organization. The responsibilities of your team may include analyzing business processes for areas of potential improvement, assisting with the logistical coordination of projects to better achieve business objectives, maintaining contact with vendors, and reporting to management and stakeholders to allow for informed and effective decision making. As an entry-level worker, your individual duties likely tend toward supportive tasks, and you may synch calendars and timelines, check budgets, schedule appointments for other team members, and generally assist senior staff where needed as you further familiarize yourself with the organization and your role.

How Can I Get an Entry-Level Project Coordinator Job?

Getting an entry-level project coordinator job requires you have some formal qualifications and education, typically at least a bachelor’s degree in project management, business, or a field directly related to the industry in which your employer operates. As an entry-level employee, you are not expected to have vast amounts of prior experience, although undertaking a paid internship during or directly after your college studies can set you ahead of other job seekers. Project coordination requires a fair amount of communication between different teams, departments, stakeholders, and vendors, and so you should have excellent organizational and communication skills, and a demonstrable ability with common spreadsheet software.