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What Is an Entry Level Painter and How to Become One

What Does an Entry-Level Painter Do?

As an entry-level painter, you assist team leads and senior painters with projects in new construction or renovation projects. You can work on both residential and commercial properties, completing interior and exterior projects. Your duties include masking and preparing the worksite, applying multiple coats of paint on walls and trim, and performing other tasks as instructed. In these jobs, your responsibilities include cleaning up tools and the worksite, labeling and storing materials, erecting scaffolding, and using equipment and tools like power washers and paint sprayers. Additionally, you carry heavy containers of paint and other materials, stand on ladders and scaffolds, and frequently bend, stretch, and stoop, so physical stamina is key.

How Can I Get an Entry-Level Job as a Painter?

To land an entry-level painter job, you must demonstrate that you are reliable, hard-working, and willing to learn new skills. You should be detail-oriented, fluent in English, and able to follow oral and written instructions. Additionally, you must be dependable and willing to take the initiative to take on new tasks. You may need a valid driver’s license, and you should be able to pass a background check. Relevant qualifications, such as previous experience in painting, construction, or a related trade, is an asset, but many employers provide on-the-job training, teaching you correct masking, application, and removal techniques for paint, varnish, and other finishes.