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What Is an Eligibility Specialist and How to Become One

Eligibility Specialist

What Does an Eligibility Specialist Do?

Eligibility specialist is a title used in many different industries to refer to workers who assess and verify an applicant or customer’s eligibility to qualify for and enroll in a specific program or access particular products or benefits. In this career, you can work in industries such as social work, insurance, banking, home loans, credit card companies, auto sales and loans, financial aid, and government benefits. Although your specific duties and responsibilities differ based on the industry in which you work, to be an eligibility specialist, you must be adept at reading and filling out paperwork, writing reports, and assessing a client based on a variety of metrics.

How to Become an Eligibility Specialist

The specific qualifications needed to become an eligibility specialist depend on the type of work you do. Government eligibility specialists often need a bachelor’s degree in fields like social work, human resources, psychology, or child development. Eligibility specialists in the banking or loan industries may need a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma and prior experience in the industry. Important skills for this job include good data analysis and information research skills, strong written and verbal communication, and excellent organizational skills.