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What Is an Educational Technology Specialist and How to Become One

What Does an Educational Technology Specialist Do?

As an educational technology specialist, you coordinate with district staff and teachers in order to facilitate the use of electronic equipment within the school. In this role, you may help determine a computer purchasing and replacement schedule. You also develop lessons to help instruct teachers and students in the classroom on the use of technology and provide support for the integration of technology into existing lesson plans. Educational technology specialists usually work on the district level and help make decisions for all grades and levels of learning. You also work in special education classrooms that may have unusual or even unique needs. Another name for educational technology specialist is edtech specialists, so be sure to check under both titles.

How to Become an Educational Technology Specialist

The primary qualifications for becoming an educational technology specialist are a bachelor's degree in a field like educational technology and the completion of a school-based internship. States sometimes require licensing for this role. Requirements can vary, so be sure to check the guidelines for your state before you start looking for a school. Some districts prefer applicants who have a master's degree, so this may be worth pursuing if you want to maximize your opportunities. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of an educational technology specialist requires communication skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and experience with coding or programming. This last requirement is especially common in schools that want custom software or website modules.