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Domestic Couple Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Are Domestic Couple Jobs?

Some property owners hire couples to act as caretakers and managers and rely on them to maintain the residence and to provide other services for the family, like housekeeping, cooking, and laundry. In these domestic couple roles, you and your partner usually live in a separate home on-site, and your duties and responsibilities include supervising vendors, repair people, and contractors. You may be responsible for shopping and running errands, and undertaking minor repairs or arranging for experts when needed. Additionally, you are expected to receive guests, arrange transport, assist with party planning and entertainment, and interact with or oversee other members of the household staff.

How to Get a Domestic Couple Job

In general, qualifications for domestic couple jobs focus on supervisory experience and facilities management. Some positions require specialized skills and knowledge in areas like deer hunting, gardening, or carpentry. You must be reliable and have organizational skills, as your duties are to maintain detailed household records, including inventories, budgets, and maintenance schedules. It is also helpful to have familiarity with residential equipment and systems like heating and air conditioning units, swimming pool pumps and filters, security alarms, outdoor lighting, and sprinkler systems. Most positions require a clean driving record and verifiable references.