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What Is a Dispensary Manager and How to Become One

Dispensary Manager

What Does a Dispensary Manager Do?

Dispensary managers oversee operations at a marijuana dispensary. Your specific responsibilities depend on the laws of the state in which you work. General job duties include monitoring the inventory of cannabis product, hiring and training customer service, sales, and security staff, and setting standards and protocols for delivering products and services. You may also communicate directly with customers to recommend products and answer questions when the sales staff is unable to do so. To ensure the products are handled and used properly, you supervise all employees during transactions and make sure customers receive documentation on what they can expect from the product.

How to Become a Dispensary Manager

The qualifications that you need to become a dispensary manager include knowledge of cannabis products, management skills, and experience working in a customer service environment. Managers need to meet state age and licensing requirements, know all current state marijuana laws, and undergo a background check before they begin employment. Some employers expect applicants to have an associate or bachelor's degree in management, business, or a related field, while others consider candidates who have previous work experience in a dispensary even if they do not hold a degree. Since you provide training to all of the employees, you must be familiar with all of the cannabis products that you sell.