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What Is a Director of User Experience and How to Become One

What Does a Director of User Experience Do?

As a director of user experience, your primary job is to lead your company's UX department as your staff members design and test software. You provide feedback on visual and creative elements of the process with the aim of making things as user-friendly as possible. You also spend time researching within the field, creating consumer scenarios to test products against, and collaborating with other departments to find the most effective way to improve products. You may spend most of your time with product strategy and product design personnel. Since director of user experience is a leadership position, you may end up delegating some of your duties so that you can focus on leading the department.

How to Become a Director of User Experience

The qualifications needed to become a director of user experience often include at least ten years of experience in a sales or product management position and a master's degree in an appropriate field. You may also be expected to have experience managing a UX team. In today's data-driven world, analytical skills are also increasingly important. You also need excellent interpersonal skills, as you need to be able to work with people in other departments and carefully juggle their skills and responsibilities with your expectations and requirements.