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Digital Storytelling Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

Digital Storytelling

What Are Digital Storytelling Jobs?

Digital storytelling jobs include a variety of positions focused on helping develop, distribute, and manage the content used for digital storytelling. In these roles, you may help write a story for a company, publish newsworthy articles, take original pictures to use as part of digital storytelling efforts, or manage content to ensure a consistent tone throughout all material created. Digital storytelling also includes some jobs in the news industry, particularly in editorial roles that focus on guiding reporters and deciding how to distribute content through digital platforms. Digital storytelling is an image-heavy field, and employees in this area frequently decide which still images or videos to use as part of the digital storytelling process.

What Are the Qualifications to Get a Digital Storytelling Job?

The primary qualifications for getting a digital storytelling job depend on the position. Some employers accept any applicants with management and advertising experience, especially when it comes to producing video stories and managing social media accounts, while others require at least a bachelor's degree. Many digital storytelling jobs have industry-specific requirements—for example, news editors often have a degree in English or journalism. Senior-level digital storytelling jobs usually require a master's degree and five to eight years of experience. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a digital storytelling job requires communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively when developing stories, and the ability to use analytics systems to help track the overall performance of each story.

What Is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is the process of using multimedia systems to communicate a story or present an idea to an audience. The story may be told through an interactive visual medium like a web page or a static medium like an infographic. For businesses, digital storytelling usually focuses on marketing and building brand recognition by getting customers involved in the history or activities of the company. For example, if a company wants to showcase its charitable giving, it might use digital storytelling to explain its philanthropic efforts. Presentation and artistic design are a major component of this, and while most work is done on the computer, some digital storytellers sketch ideas offline first. Digital storytelling jobs should not be confused with jobs at companies that allow their members to create digital stories, such as many social media networks.