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What Is a Digital Archivist and How to Become One

What Does a Digital Archivist Do?

A digital archivist works to preserve historical documents and materials or to organize and store digital materials for future use. Your duties vary depending on the purpose of your work. Some digital archivists work on digitizing materials like documents or photographs so that researchers can access them easily. Your responsibilities in this role involve converting materials into digital files. Other digital archivists work with videos, photos, and data that is already in digital form. In these cases, you record the media and file it according to a topic, keyword, and other identifying information. Digital archivists often have a degree in library science.

How to Become a Digital Archivist

The qualifications needed for a career as a digital archivist include a bachelor’s degree or higher in library or archival science. As a digital archivist, your job duties revolve around the preservation of materials like videos, photos, audio files, documents and other electronic media. Positions are most common in organizations that keep a large number of permanent records, like museums and libraries, so experience working in these facilities is crucial. An internship under an archivist is a great way to learn the needed skills on-the-job. Consider pursuing an optional certificate, like the Certified Archivist designation.