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What Is a Diesel Fleet Mechanic and How to Become One

What Does a Diesel Fleet Mechanic Do?

As a diesel fleet mechanic, your primary responsibilities are to perform maintenance, run diagnostics, and repair diesel vehicles. Your duties include checking malfunctions on engines, transmissions, clutches, suspension, steering, and more. You inspect heavy trucks, buses, and other equipment to ensure they can operate safely, and you document issues and the steps taken to correct them. You are also in charge of routine maintenance, such as aligning wheels and changing the oil. You also test drive vehicles to ensure they are running properly.

How to Become a Diesel Fleet Mechanic

To become a diesel fleet mechanic, you need a Department of Transportation certification and a valid commercial driver's license. Typically, you need some postsecondary training programs in diesel repair, but equivalent work experience may suffice. Skills in the diagnosis of electrical systems are beneficial. The job of a diesel fleet mechanic is very physically demanding, so you should have the stamina and strength to lift heavy objects and perform repetitive motions. Other qualifications include dexterity and problem-solving skills.