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What Is a Data Management Specialist and How to Become One

Data Management Specialist

What Does a Data Management Specialist Do?

Data management specialists collect and analyze data to produce quantitative reports for their company or organization. You find data management specialists in a variety of industries, including education, finance, and non-profit. As a data management specialist, your responsibilities include ensuring the quality of collected data and producing data analysis reports, sometimes as often as monthly, depending on your company’s needs. Organizations use the reports to improve production processes, increase efficiency, or address problems that may be revealed in the data. You also develop and implement ways to track and monitor changes in data trends related to your organization.

How to Become a Data Management Specialist

The primary qualifications for getting a job as a data management specialist depend on the company and the methods they use to manage data. Most employers prefer applicants who have a bachelor's degree in a field like business information systems. However, some are willing to accept an associate degree and several years of work experience. Master's degrees are rarely necessary unless you want to work at a larger company. This usually requires further experience, so consider your career aspirations when deciding how far to take your education. Other useful qualities for starting a career as a data management specialist include analytical skills, programming skills, and the ability to memorize and follow privacy regulations.