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What Is a Correctional Case Manager and How to Become One

Correctional Case Manager

What Does a Correctional Case Manager Do?

A correctional case manager works with convicted criminals to help them re-enter society as productive citizens. As a correctional case manager, you act as a liaison between social services and the correctional system. Part of your job duties include working with inmates while they are finishing their time in prison to help identify skills they can use to find gainful employment upon release. You also work with social services to ensure that the inmates will be getting the appropriate treatment once they are outside of prison. Experience in social sciences and a knowledge of the prison system are important.

How Can I Become a Correctional Case Manager?

As a correctional case manager, you assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of convicted persons and assist them in transitioning out of the prison system and into the community. You provide clients with social services, job training, and counseling, and your duties include helping them manage the emotional aspects of their transition, deal with alcohol or substance abuse problems, and identify educational opportunities. Qualifications for this job include a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or psychology. Experience in a similar position is valuable. Additionally, since your responsibilities entail interacting with clients and members of the judicial system, strong oral and written communication skills are vital.