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What Is a Corporate Fitness Trainer and How to Become One

What Does a Corporate Fitness Trainer Do?

As a corporate fitness trainer, you work with company employees as a part of the organization’s wellness program. Your responsibilities are to use exercise to boost productivity in the workplace, limit absenteeism, and reduce healthcare costs. Your duties include creating a workout plan for the group and adapting it to meet each employee’s individual needs. You teach them how to perform exercises, provide alternatives for varying skill levels, and maintain any equipment. Most corporate fitness instructors work on-site or at a health/fitness club. Your work is often freelance, though some companies do hire full-time trainers for their staff.

How to Become a Corporate Fitness Trainer

The primary qualifications you need for a corporate fitness trainer job include a high school diploma and a relevant fitness certification. However, many employers expect you to have a bachelor’s degree in a field like exercise science or sports medicine. Some of the top fitness certifications require you to have a degree as well. You need excellent communications skills as a fitness instructor, and many aspiring corporate trainers spend time as a normal trainer to build up these skills. Learning how to motivate individuals and command attention when speaking is also vital to the role.