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Contract Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Is Contract Work?

Contract Work is an arrangement between an employer and a person who works as an independent contractor—not as an official employee of the company. Businesses and government organizations hire independent contractors to perform all types of work—computer engineering, marketing, technical or content writing, construction, and more. If you have skills that companies need, then you can build a career as an independent contractor.

Do Contract Jobs Have Benefits?

Contract jobs do not have traditional employment benefits like insurance and retirement accounts. As an independent contractor, you will receive payment for your services from your employer, but will likely not be eligible for other benefits such as healthcare. That being said, you may be able to enroll in other programs at the company, but it depends on the employer. The benefits of working contract jobs are that you typically set your own schedule by choosing what days of the week, and you can often work remotely.

How to List Contract Jobs on a Resume

Whether your contract work is full time, part time or temporary, you should include the position on your resume to showcase your qualifications to future employers. State your duties and achievements as you would for any job. If you use a staffing agency, include their information as well as the company you were contracted to work with and the role you filled. List your contract work in chronological order, with your most recent positions or projects toward the top of your resume.

How Do You Become a Contract Employee?

To become a contract employee, it largely depends on the positions being offered by the employer, though, there are some types of jobs that are often contracted. A bachelor's degree in the field you would like to work in is a good starting point to gain the skills and experience you will need for a career as an independent contractor. However, employers may not require a college education if you have the relevant experience and a portfolio of work.