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What Is a Construction Technology Instructor and How to Become One

What Is the Job Description of a Construction Technology Instructor?

As a construction technology instructor, you instruct students in a specific construction trade or technique. Your duties are to develop lectures, demonstrations, and discussion groups and advise students in your program on career details. Your responsibilities include providing classroom work and hands-on labs, submitting grades, preparing curriculum and teaching materials, and offering one-on-one instruction when needed. Typically, construction technology instructors work for colleges or technical schools, but you can also find work with larger companies within the heavy industrial, institutional, commercial, and civil construction sectors.

What Are Qualifications to Work as a Construction Technology Instructor?

To become a construction technology instructor, you need a bachelor's degree in education, structural engineering, or construction management. You also need to complete an apprenticeship in the trade or trades you wish to teach and earn any necessary certifications for the job. A current builder's license from the state where you teach is also necessary. Other qualifications include up to date knowledge on safety policy and procedures, understanding of international residential code, experience teaching, strong written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency in building science principles.