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What Is a Conservator and How to Become One

What Is a Conservator?

A conservator works to preserve cultural property so that it will remain for future generations. This role is sometimes referred to as a restorer. These individuals spend their time examining and documenting conservation pieces. Other responsibilities include performing an analysis to determine restorative treatment and doing preventative care. Conservators will generally specialize in specific areas, such as the restoration of paintings, rare books, sculptures, or archeological finds. They often attend graduate school and have advanced training in art history, physical sciences, or studio artistry.

How to Become a Conservator

The recognized qualifications for a conservator in the United States is a master's degree in conservation. Many conservators start training or complete internships while they earn their bachelor's degree. Most post-graduate work begins with a fellowship or a project-based position. When seeking a job and even as a conservator, you should stay up-to-date on conservation technology and techniques through continuing education courses and opportunities.