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What Is a Community Engagement Manager and How to Become One

Community Engagement Manager

What Is a Community Engagement Manager?

A community engagement manager works with the general public to rally volunteer support for social awareness, fundraising, and nonprofit initiatives. In this role, your job duties include designing public engagement initiatives to transform communities, overseeing program finance and fundraising issues, and mobilizing teams of volunteers to support social activities. The qualifications to have a career as a community engagement manager include a bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management, public administration, political science, or a related field. You also need to be very detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills as well as about five years of relevant leadership experience.

How to Become a Community Engagement Manager

The qualifications that you need to become a community engagement manager include a degree and the ability to communicate with members of the community in which you work. Employers usually prefer candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in human services, social work, nonprofit management, or communications. You can develop skills for a community engagement manager role by working as an outreach specialist or in another entry-level position. You can also gain experience by completing an internship or working as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization. Your responsibilities may include organizing and attending events outside of regular business hours.