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What Is a Comic Writer and How to Become One

What Does a Comic Writer Do?

As a comic writer, you write for comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, or comic strips. Your duties vary depending on the type of work you perform; many comic writers develop storylines and characters and then write and illustrate their own comics. Some publishers work with writers who provide story and dialogue while other artists provide illustrations, coloring, and lettering. If you work on a freelance basis, your responsibilities can vary from project to project. You may write outlines, punch up dialogue, or develop full story arcs.

How Can I Become a Comic Writer?

Become a comic writer does not require formal qualifications or education, though you must have strong creative writing skills, an understanding of sequential art constraints and techniques, and knowledge of illustration and publishing software. Though there are no formal educational requirements, many writers begin by studying fine arts, creative writing, or even filmmaking. Some art and design schools offer degrees or certificates in cartooning or comic art. You typically need a portfolio of work that showcases your storytelling skills. You can build this collection of work on your own or during a degree program.