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What Is a College Admissions Counselor and How to Become One

What Does a College Admissions Counselor Do?

College admissions counselors help recruit students and assist them with the application process. As a college admissions counselor, your duties include attending admissions events, sharing information about the school with interested students, and providing guidance to students. In this job, you may be required to create recruitment programs, which are designed to promote the school and pique the interest of prospective students. To succeed as a college admissions counselor, you must be very knowledgeable about the college or university you work for. For example, you must be prepared to share detailed information about academic programs, tuition rates, and campus life.

How to Become a College Admissions Counselor

The educational qualifications for becoming a college admissions counselor typically include a bachelor’s degree in post-secondary education, although a master’s degree may be required depending on the employer. While studying as an undergrad, get an internship or part-time job in the admissions office at your school to learn about their application process, programs, and activities. This helps you to gain experience working directly with students and their families and to build your skills in customer service, marketing, organization, and school administration. Once you earn your degree, you can look to become a college admissions counselor either at your alma mater or another school.