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What Is a Cold Calling Work From Home and How to Become One

What Are Cold Calling Work From Home Jobs?

Cold calling is when you call potential customers based on a lead list. Jobs that allow you to cold call from home usually focus on outbound sales and marketing efforts, either to sell products or set up appointments with potential customers for meetings with sales representatives. You manage a list of prospective customers, taking extensive notes on their reactions to your sales pitch, and you may earn a commission for each completed sale. This position is heavily regulated by national law, which dictates many of the things you can and cannot do while cold calling people, so you may need to follow a strict script. Remote cold calling jobs often require physically-connected phones to ensure there are no connection or battery problems.

How Can I Get a Cold Calling Job Working From Home?

There are no formal education requirements to obtain a cold calling job from home, though having a background in marketing, public relations, or similar areas, or customer service experience can help you stand out from other applicants. Some companies consider these entry-level positions, so most provide on-the-job training. Employers may require specific home equipment or setups, such as a landline, phone headset, and relatively new phone. They may also ask you to maintain a quiet and distraction-free environment and proof of meeting these criteria during the hiring process. Other qualifications include excellent communication and organizational skills and the ability to follow directions.