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What Is a Clinical Informatics Specialist and How to Become One

Clinical Informatics Specialist

What Is a Clinical Informatics Specialist?

Clinical informatics is the use of information technology in healthcare. As a clinical informatics specialist, you are in charge of managing electronic medical records and analyzing information systems to streamline and improve communication among the medical staff and between the staff and patients. Many clinical informatics specialists are former nurses, pharmacists, or other healthcare professionals who want to improve the way data is handled in the healthcare system. Job duties may include creating new methods of storing and transmitting information, integrating data across various departments, and training medical staff on how to use the electronic programs utilized in the facility. Clinical informatics specialists work in hospitals, private practices, and other medical organizations.

How to Become a Clinical Informatics Specialist

There are multiple paths to becoming a clinical informatics specialist. You can pursue a career as a nurse and utilize your knowledge of clinical workflow, terminology, procedures, and technology to review medical records and understand patient care responsibilities. You can also start with a background in informatics and data, earning a bachelor's degree, and educating yourself on how to improve health care and complete clinical duties. Additional qualifications include analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, strategy and planning knowledge, and the ability to organize and manage data.