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What Is a Civil Estimator and How to Become One

What Is a Civil Estimator?

A civil estimator is a construction worker whose duties are to bid on construction projects, assess project budgets, and work closely with management to determine how best to pursue a civil engineering project. These projects can include bridge building, highway construction, or rail construction. As a civil estimator, your responsibilities also include visiting sites, pulling records, and doing research on behalf of the construction company. You make reports to other members of the construction team to determine budgets, financial costs for materials and labor, and what contractors and subcontractors to use for the project.

How to Become a Civil Estimator

To pursue a career as a civil estimator, you first finish high school or get your GED certificate. Most estimators then study civil engineering, construction, or real estate finance. Many go on to work in the construction industry under a more senior estimator to gain experience. Other qualifications for the job include voluntary certifications to demonstrate skills and experience within the construction industry, and the ability to develop and carry out budgeting.