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What Is a Campus Rep and How to Become One

What Do Campus Reps Do?

Campus reps work with brands or companies to create awareness and boost sales. Campus reps are often college students who use their connections to promote brands in a more natural way than billboards or advertisements. This type of marketing takes advantage of your relationships and social media savvy. The company will outline job duties during the hiring process, but campus rep responsibilities can include handing out materials to your peers, signing people up for services, selling products, and generating awareness for the brand.

How to Become a Campus Rep

Often, no experience is required to become a campus rep. A company or brand depends on your networking connections both on and offline, as well as on your college campus. One of the qualifications for a campus rep role is attendance at a college or school that the brand wants to market to, but you do not need an associate or bachelor’s degree to get a job. Helpful skills for this role are excellent communication abilities, the ability to network, and familiarity with technology such as social media platforms and mobile applications. Experience in sales is helpful, but not required.