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What Is a Call Center Manager and How to Become One

What Does a Call Center Manager Do?

As a call center manager, you are responsible for ensuring the call center runs as smoothly as possible. Your duties include overseeing a call center team to ensure that they work efficiently and maximize profit, training new call center employees on the use of computer and phone systems, and making sure call logs are up to date and accurate. You also conduct spot checks for each employee to ensure they are following protocols and scripts and providing excellent customer service. You perform administrative duties, like scheduling and filing reports.

How to Become a Call Center Manager

Though some call center manager jobs require an associate degree in communications, management, or a related field, some jobs just require a high school diploma, related work experience, and the right skill set. Most learning for this career is done through hands-on experience and on-the-job training, which provides the skills and qualifications you need to be successful in this career. You can find voluntary certification and training classes for call center managers through The International Customer Management Institute.

How to Be a Good Call Center Manager

A good call center manager has the right combination of skills and experience to succeed in this career. Most good call center managers spend a few years working on the phones themselves and therefore understand the stresses that can come with the job. They know how to help employees deal with unhappy call recipients and can give their team tools and tactics that help keep their customer interactions positive. They also possess good leadership skills and are highly organized.

Call Center Manager Job Description Sample

With this Call Center Manager job description sample, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Remember, every employer is different and each will have unique qualifications when they hire for a Call Center Manager role.

Job Summary

We are currently seeking a Call Center Manager to oversee our call center staff and ensure a high standard of customer service. In this role, you will provide our employees with coaching and assistance, encouraging them to meet and exceed their performance goals. Based on the performance results and your own observations, you will prepare reports, suggest operational improvements, and develop new call strategies. Applicants for this role must have experience in a high-volume call center.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hire and train new call center employees
  • Encourage staff to meet and exceed sales and service goals
  • Provide coaching and assistance
  • Prepare performance reports
  • Suggest operational improvements

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in business, communications, or a related field (or equivalent experience)
  • High-volume call center experience
  • Management or leadership experience strongly preferred
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service and conflict resolution skills