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What Is a Cake Decorator and How to Become One

Cake Decorator

What Do Cake Decorators Do?

Cake Decorators use their skills to embellish cakes for birthdays, special occasions, and weddings. They also decorate other pastries. Cake Decorators employ a range of techniques and equipment to decorate pastries. You commonly work in retail shops, providing excellent customer service to clients, whether they are creating a customized design, or buying pre-made items. One of the biggest and most difficult projects for Cake Decorators are wedding cakes. Talented Decorators create tiers of artwork in icing to celebrate the day, using live flowers and accessories like beads and figurines to create designs.

How to Be a Cake Decorator

Cake Decorators work in bakeries, or in the bakery department of grocery stores. They decorate cakes and other pastries according to the specifications of the company or special customer orders. Some Cake Decorators learn their skill through a culinary arts pastry program. Others participate in on-the-job training. Cake Decorators often also perform retail duties, so good customer service skills and a professional manner will make you more attractive as a candidate for this role.

Where Do Cake Decorators Work?

Cake Decorators work in bakeries, grocery shops, or for themselves. Some open their own shops specifically for wedding cake designs. Others work out of their homes. Any bakery that sells cakes will have a Cake Decorator on staff to create personalized designs for events like graduations, birthdays, and anniversary for the cakes they sell. Corporate groups and hospitality services also need bakery services and decorators.

What Tools Do Cake Decorators Use?

The tools used by Cake Decorators to apply icing in elaborate designs include piping and pastry bags, which allow for delicate placement. Decorators use edible ink and food coloring for lettering and will work with fondant and marzipan to mold into flowers or special holiday characters. Tools like spatulas, uniquely shaped baking pans, and sharp blades are used to shape and form the cakes.

Cake Decorator Job Description Sample

With this Cake Decorator job description sample, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Remember, every employer is different and each will have unique qualifications when they hire for a Cake Decorator role.

Job Summary

We are looking for a Cake Decorator to join our baking department. You will use freehand techniques as well as kits and tools to decorate cakes and other baked goods. Some designs will be standard creations for our display case, while others are customized according to client specifications. You must be able to take direction and adhere to strict food preparation guidelines. Proper handling and storage of equipment are required at all times. You will also be responsible for cleaning the decorating area before you start and after you are done.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Speak with customers to define cake specifications and design needs
  • Use select ingredients, colors, and accessories to decorate cakes
  • Stock and manage display cases
  • Organize and reorder supplies, labeling where appropriate

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Prior experience in a bakery setting; cake decorating experience strongly preferred
  • Excellent customer service and communications skills
  • Creativity and familiarity with decorating tools and techniques
  • Able to work a variety of shifts
  • Valid food handler permit