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What Is an Assistant Director of Pharmacy and How to Become One

Assistant Director of Pharmacy

What Does an Assistant Director of Pharmacy Do?

The assistant director of pharmacy collaborates with the director of pharmacy to oversee pharmacy operations at a hospital or medical center. In this role, you supervise the pharmaceutical staff, train new staff members, establish work schedules, develop staff development seminars, and complete regular staff performance reviews. You may also take inventory and purchase medications and pharmacy supplies, prepare budgets, and maintain the pharmacy's computer system and automated dispensing machine databases. Many assistant directors of pharmacy act as the primary liaison with nurses, physicians, and other medical staff to discuss the best pharmaceutical treatments available to patients that are also cost-effective.

How Can I Become an Assistant Director of Pharmacy?

To become an assistant director of pharmacy, you need to be a licensed pharmacist who holds either a Doctor of Pharmacy degree or a bachelor of science degree with extensive pharmacy experience. Some medical centers or hospitals expect candidates to have additional degrees or certifications, such as a business administration degree, and three to five years of experience in a leadership role at a pharmacy. Prior positions at a hospital or medical center are usually preferred, as well as proficiency with automated pharmacy software and machinery, establishing budgets, and ordering pharmacy supplies. Other qualifications include excellent communication and organizational skills and exceptional leadership abilities.