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What Is an ASE Certified Technician and How to Become One

ASE Certified Technician

What Does an ASE Certified Technician Do?

An Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Technician is responsible for all auto repairs and maintenance. Most work within an automotive repair agency. Clients come with their automobile concerns, and it’s the ASE Certified Technician’s job to diagnose and treat the issue. They help communicate your recommendations to the team, so the customer understands the problem before they commit to those recommendations. ASE Certified Technicians perform required manufacturer fixes and stay current with industry best practices. They are responsible for delivering a safe and clean final product to the customer. ASE Certified Technicians mostly work traditional hours, but this does vary depending on the employer, as some request weekend and evening coverage.

How to Become an ASE Certified Technician

An ASE certified technician is a mechanic with demonstrated knowledge, skills, and training in specific areas of automotive repair, such as automotive transmission, suspension and steering, brakes, and engine performance. To become an ASE certified technician, you first need to complete training in auto mechanics and automotive repair, and at least two years of experience in each specialization you pursue. Once you gain the necessary training and work experience, you may take prep courses at a vocational or technical institution to help you pass the ASE certification exams.

What Does ASE Certified Technician Mean?

An ASE certified technician is an auto repair professional who has earned ASE certification by qualifying for and passing ASE exams. The term ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and is awarded throughout the United States and Canada by an automotive repair and service certification group. ASE certification exams are available in a number of areas, including engine repair, automatic transmission, manual transmission, suspensions, brakes, electronic systems, heating and air, and engine performance.